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Jason's Carpet & Tile Blog > Jason's Carpet Plank Porcelain

Jason's Carpet Plank Porcelain

Friday, April 13, 2018 1:45 PM

Most folks are fond of the rich, traditional, look and feel, of a wood floor. It almost takes us to brownstones in New York, Midwestern Colonial Charm, or Napa Valley Magic! We always envision adding wooden floors to our home until the reality of maintenance sets in. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a blog piece knocking wood, we love wood flooring but for a long time have desired a more manageable, low-priced alternative that still looked grand. Plank porcelain tile is just that!

First off, it offers a wider range of styling and color with a lower cost and maintenance price for home owners. If you want the warmth of wood with a lower price tag this is a viable option. Let me hit you with 3 reasons why plan porcelain tile might be the way to go for you!

No more water scares!

Porcelain plan tile gives you that rich, warm, or modern look of wood but is adhered floor substrate and finished with grout. What does this even mean? Well, it creates a solid and dense surface that is better protected by water. Wood will swell with water or moisture; porcelain just keeps being it’s beautiful self!

Easy to maintain!

Wood is not the most hardened natural resource. Wood can be scratched, dented, and disfigured by moves, running children, or pets. Properly installed porcelain is very sturdy, strong, and will survive accidents wood simply wont! Porcelain can be maintained with little time, just remember to give it a good sweep and mopping every so often!

So many styles!

Porcelain plank knows no stylistic limits! You can go super warm, charming and traditional or ultra modern light, and contemporary! So if you are convinced plank porcelain tile is the way to go, you can visit us at our showroom and we would love to show you samples!