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Jason's Carpet & Tile Blog > Is Hardwood or Carpet Easier to Maintain?

Is Hardwood or Carpet Easier to Maintain?

Friday, April 13, 2018 1:27 PM

Some decisions are harder to make than others. Choosing the right flooring can be no easy task, but Jason’s Carpet and Tile is here to help. The first thing that we would recommend asking yourself is: Do I want a flooring that fits my lifestyle needs? It is no secret that some floors are simpler to maintain neat than others. Specially, when you take into consideration other factors in your housing such as pets, children and the functionality of the room.

For some people, some extra cleaning is worth the looks. For some others, cleaning day in and day out is a no-no go. Both carpet and wood have pros and cons. Of course, any flooring needs a necessary amount of maintenance to keep it clean.


Hardwoods are easier to clean. Specially, if you spill something! However, mopping is still required several days a week. Carpets would require you to deep-clean several times a year, while hardwood, would require using a special cleaning solution about once a month to keep it neat.


Carpets are softer, cozier, and definitely warmer than hardwood. However, the important factor to consider here is the area where you’re thinking of installing the carpet. Some areas have more heavy transit than others and they will require extra care, or it’ll noticeable show wear.

Frequent vacuuming in order to pick up dust, hair, and dirt is required in order to keep the carpet clean. Extra care like not stepping on the carpet with your shoes on might be a good idea since dirt gets trapped in the carpet fibers.

Professional carpet cleaning with shampoo or steamed is recommended at least twice a year in order to avoid allergen accumulation.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice! Both flooring require some kind of maintenance. Think about the area that you’re thinking of installing either. For example, a carpet would be really good for a bedroom, but a hardwood would be ideal for a living room since visitors will walk through it.